Тренировочные упражнения. Past Perfect Continuous. Средний уровень. Intermediate. Часть вторая.


Упражнения среднего уровня предполагают. что учащийся разбирается в группах времен, то есть может различить их между собой. В следующих предложениях надо раскрыть скобки и поставить глаголы в нужном прошедшем времени: Past Indefinite Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense или от Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

1. A young man who (to stand) on the pavement (to come) forward.

2. My sister’s birthday (to be) the only thing everybody (to talk) at home for the last three weeks.

3. He (to leave) a message that he (to call).

4. Yesterday John (look) for his dog till evening. By the evening he (to give ) up the search.

5. She (to meet) her daughter’s eyes, but (to seem) not to hear what she (to say).

6. Yesterday she (to show) us the pictures she (to take) at the sea-side.

7. The young man at whose feet she (to sit), (to rise) and (to stand) before John.

8. Yesterday she (to show) us the article she (to write) for nearly three hours.

9. He again (to come) to the village where he (to live) in his childhood.

10. He (to collect) a lot of data for a long time before he (to start) writing his essay.

11. They (to be) silent a moment. She (to wait) for him to speak.

12. The pupils (to revise) some grammar rules for nearly an hour before they (to start) doing these exercises.

13. Mary (to return) to the book she (to read) when her parents (to enter).

14. Yesterday I (to buy) a book which I (to look) for a long time.

15. The town (to be) not large, but he (not to be ) sorry he (to come) there.

16. I (to try) to remember what I (to do) during that time.

17. When their visitor (to leave), Ann and her mother ( to stand) without speaking.

18. When he (to come) home, he ( to see) that something (to happen) to his daughter.

19. She (to sit) at the table only five minutes when a car (to come).

20. Eighteen years (to go) since he first (to go) into this house.

Я раскрою скобки, поставлю глаголы в нужное время и переведу предложения на английский язык, чтобы вы могли себя проверить.

1. A young man who had been standing on the pavement came forward. = Молодой человек, который стоял на тротуаре, вышел вперед.

2. My sister’s birthday was the only thing everybody had been talking at home for the last three weeks. = День рождения моей сестры было единственной темой, которую все в доме обговаривали последние три недели.

3. He left a message that he had called. = Он оставил записку, что он заходил.

4. Yesterday John had been looking his dog till evening. By the evening he had given up the search. Вчера Джон вплоть до вечера искал свою собаку. К вечеру он прекратил поиски.

5. She met her daughter’s eyes, but seemed not to hear what she had said. = Она встретилась глазами с дочерью, но , казалось,  не слышала, что та сказала.

6. Yesterday she showed us the pictures she had taken at the sea-side. = Вчера она показала нам фотографии, которые она сделала на берегу моря.

7. The young man at whose feet she had been sitting, rose and stood before John. = Молодой человек, на чьих ногах она сидела, поднялся и встал перед Джоном.

8. Yesterday she showed us the article she had been writing for nearly three hours. = Вчера она показала нам статью, которую она писала почти три часа.

9. He again came to the village where he had been living in his childhood. = Он снова приехал в село, где он жил в детстве.

10. He had been collecting a lot of data for a long time before he started writing an essay.= Он долго собирал данные прежде чем начал писать свой очерк.

11. They were silent a moment. She was waiting for him to speak. = Они молчали некоторое время. Она ждала, что он заговорит.

12. The pupils had been revising some grammar rules for nearly an hour before they started doing these exercises. = Ученики повторяли правила почти час прежде чем они начали выполнять эти упражнения.

13. Mary returned to the book she had been reading when her parents entered. = Мария снова вернулась к книге, которую она читала до того, как пришли ее родители.

14. Yesterday I bought the book which I had been looking for a long time. = Вчера я купила книгу, которую я давно искала.

15. The town was not large, but he wasn’t sorry that he had come there. = Городок был маленький, но он не жалел, что приехал туда.

16. I tried to remember what I was doing during that time. = Я пытался вспомнить, что я делал в то время.

17. When their visitor had left Ann and her mother stood without speaking. = Когда их посетитель ушел Анна и ее мать молча встали.

18. When he came home, he saw that something had happened to his daughter. = Когда он пришел домой, он понял, что с его дочерью что-то случилось.

19. She had been sitting at the table only five minutes when a car came. = Она посидела за столом всего пять минут, когда приехала машина.

20. Eighteen years had gone since he first went into this house. = Прошло восемнадцать лет с тех пор, как он впервые вошел в этот дом.

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