Тренировочные упражнения с оборотом “There is/are…”. Elementary. Продолжение.

Начинать отрабатывать любой раздел грамматики надо с самого простого. В прошлом сообщении я написала упражнение, в котором надо  было научиться  распознавать оборот в списке предложений.

Упражнение 1. Теперь предстоит сделать самое элементарное – поставить английские предложения в отрицательную (-)  и вопросительные(?) формы. Само собой эти предложения надо перевести.

1. There is a cup of tea and some sandwiches on the table.

2. Yesterday there arose a lot of questions on this subject.

3. There are many desks and a blackboard in the classroom.

4. There is some bread in the basket.

5. Yesterday there were a lot of children in the skating–rink.

6. There are two cats in the yard.

7. There was a red rose in her hair.

8. There are a lot of beautiful parks in our town.

9. There are some students in the corridor.

10. There is a picture on the wall.

11. There is little sugar in my coffee.

12. There was something in the bag.

13. There are my parents in the next room.

14. There came a loud sound .

15. There were a lot of mistakes in his dictation.

16. There is an old  man on the bench.

17. There are some boats in the river.

18. There is somebody in the room.

19. There is too much salt in the soup.

20. There were four men in the car.

Упражнение 2. Вставьте в пропуски глагол “to be” в нужной форме ( is/are/was/were).

1. There… three windows in the room.

2. There … a big tree near my house last year.

3. There … a text book and two exercise-books on the table.

4. There … some water in the glass.

5. There … a lot of people in the park yesterday.

6. There … much snow outside.

7. There … a lot of trees in the park.

8. There … some visitors this morning.

9. There … an accident outside our house last night.

10. There … four hundred children in the school this year.

11. There … very much fruit on this tree this year.

12. There … an old clock on the wall.

13. There … a thick carpet on the wall.

14. There … a round table in the middle of the room.

15. There … a pen, two pencils and three books on the table.

16. There … an old piano in the corner of the room last year.

17.There … some interesting stories in this book.

18. There  … a river not far from the town.

19. There … some milk in the bottle.

20. There … two boys in the yard yesterday.

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  1. Петр:

    Не хватает ответов на упражнения. Они далеко не всем очевидны :)

  2. Очевидно, что текст предложений был смещён по какой-то причине.
    2. There … a big tree near my house last year.
    16. There … an old piano in the corner of he room last year.There … two boys

    • admin:

      Спасибо за замечание. Действительно, слова были перепутаны, уже исправила ошибку.

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