Past Indefinite Tense. Тренировочные упражнения. Глагол “to be”. Elementary

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Только в прошедшем времени Past Indafinite Tense мы встречаемся с разделением глаголов на — ПРАВИЛЬНЫЕ и НЕПРАВИЛЬНЫЕ. До этого момента, когда мы разбирались с глагольными формами в настоящем времени : Present Indefinite Tense и Present Continuous Tense — о правильных и неправильных глаголах не упоминалось.

Однако мы уже делили глаголы на две группы: глаголы-“пешки” и глаголы-“генералы”. И это неспроста. Два глагола-генерала (“to be” и “to have”) всегда стоят особняком и я уже объясняла, почему. Поэтому , когда мы тренируемся и отрабатываем грамматику Past Indefinite Tense, приходится выполнять не двойную ( как в настоящем Present Indefinite Tense), а тройную работу: для правильных и неправильных глаголов и отдельно — для глагола “to be”. Для начального уровня ( elementary) я уже написала упражнения для правильных и неправильных глаголов. Теперь потренируемся с глаголом “to be” в прошедшем времени. В упражнении рядом с глаголом “to be” я напишу предложения с любым глаголом –пешкой, чтобы вы “почувствовали” разницу. Все просто. Поставьте все предложения в отрицательную (-) и вопросительные (?) формы.


We were in London last year. We went to London last year.

We weren’t in London. We didn’t go to London last year.

Were we in London? Did we go to London last year?

1. I was glad to see them in the theatre yesterday.

I went to the theatre yesterday.

2. They were in the country last week.

They stayed in the country last week.

3. The children were at the pond yesterday.

The children skated on the pond yesterday.

4. Jack was in the shop in the morning.

Jack bought some bread in the sop in the morning.

5. He was very happy to see his sister yesterday.

He saw his sister yesterday.

6. Ann lost her bag three days ago.

The money was in her bag.

7. A young woman opened the door.

A young woman was at the door.

8. A bird made a nest in this tree last week.

A bird was in this tree.

9. My father was busy last night.

My father wrote an article last night.

10. Mr Brown knew German.

Mr Brown was in Germany five years ago.

11. She worked at this office many years ago.

She was late for her work on Monday.

12. Mrs Johnson became a teacher.

She was a teacher.

13. The picture hung on the wall.

The picture was on the wall.

14. You were in the room.

You heard a strange noise.

15. My friend Nick paid the bill.

He was very honest.

15. They were angry with me for not inviting them to the party.

They wanted to go to the party.

16. I was proud of my son when he had gone to school.

I met my son after classes when he was a little boy.

17. I was delighted with the present you gave me.

I liked the present you gave me.

18. Mary was married to an American.

She lived in the USA.

19. John was afraid of dogs in his childhood.

He avoided meeting them.

20. He was ready to answer all the questions.

He wanted to go home.

21. Flowers grew in my granny’s house.

The flowers were in the vase.

22. He fed his horse an hour ago.

His horse was in the stable.

23. My grandfather were an inventor.

My grandfather was clever.

24. We kept our handkerchiefs in the drawer.

Our handkerchiefs were in the drawer.

25. He used his car last year.

His car was in the garage last year.

26. She understood everything.

She was smart.

27. My uncle smoked a pipe after supper.

My uncle was in the garden.

28. We woke up at seven o’ clock.

We were in the room.

29. The students took an examination yesterday.

The students were ready to take an examination.

30. He decided to learn English.

He was determined to learn foreign languages.