Past Indefinite tense. Тренировочные упражнения. Правильные глаголы.Elementary

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Начинаем отрабатывать прошедшее время в тренировочных упражнениях. Начинаем с очень простого — поставим предложения в отрицательную (-) и вопросительную (?) формы в прошедшем времени. Надо “привыкнуть” к вспомогательному глаголу прошедшего времени –“DID” , и довести речь до автоматизма. Именно в прошедшем времени Past Indefinite Tense мы начинаем “рассортировывать” глаголы на правильные и неправильные; Начнем с правильных глаголов. Выполняйте упражнение по модели. Можно письменно, можно устно — кто как любит. Само собой разумеется, надо перевести предложения с английского языка на родной язык.


He finished work at 8 o’ clock.

(-) He didn’t finish work at 8 o’ clock.

(?) Did he finish work at 8 o’ clock?

1. We returned home last night.

2. I opened the window before classes.

3. My friend lived in London 5 years ago.

4. This student translated a lot of articles last week.

5. They discussed a lot of questions yesterday.

6. I liked this song very much.

7. He listened to the news an hour ago.

8. I played chess with my son many years ago.

9. He worked at school in 1998.

10. I washed dishes after dinner .

11. She learned to speak English in her childhood.

12. My pupil thanked me for these books yesterday.

13. Tom watched a football match on TV last night.

14. Anna invited her friend to her birthday party.

15. My father helped me with my English.

16. My sister moved in a new flat last year.

17. I went to the theatre last three months ago.

18. They asked me a lot of questions on Monday.

19. I looked at the blackboard and copied out new words.

20. This man arrived in London on the 5th of may.

21. The teacher answered all the questions at the lesson.

22. The children skated on the pond yesterday.

23. He walked to his office last year.

24. The pupils repeated words after the teacher.

25. He closed the door last night.

26. Mary studied English 5 years ago.

27. She wanted to tell me something yesterday.

28. This student missed several lectures.

29. My daughter promised to do homework yesterday.

30. Her voice trembled with anger.