Придаточные предложения условия и времени с союзами IN CASE и BEFORE, AFTER

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Продолжаем отрабатывать условные и временные предложения. Первым делом надо хорошо усвоить значения подчинительных союзов ( слова-связки) и запомнить простое правило: в придаточном предложении глагол стоит в настоящем времени, хотя все сложноподчиненное предложение выражает будущее время. Начальный уровень — это простые английские  предложения в данном грамматическом поле, которые надо перевести и проанализировать.

Предложения с союзами  IF, UNLESS и WHEN, TILL (UNTIL) уже написаны, а теперь немного усложним задачу: добавим еще несколько подчинительных союзов условия и времени: IN CASE и BEFORE, AFTER, а также вспомним отличия между случаем IN CASE  и условием IF.

1. I am going for a walk with my dog this evening. In case I want to take some photographs I shall take my camera.

2. Hurry up! If we miss this train, we shall have to take another one.

3. Henry is going away on holiday tomorrow. I  am sure he will come to say good-bye before he leaves.

4. I am going to London next month. I have never been there before. I shall take a map in case I lose my way.

5. I have hurt my sister’s feelings and I am sure she won’t speak to me until I apologize to her.

6. If we fail to arrive in time, we shall not be able to speak to John.

7. After I finish school, I shall enter the University.

8. I shan’t be able to buy a present for my granny if the shops are closed.

9. There a lot of heavy clouds in the sky and my son is going away. In case it rains I shall give him an umbrella.

10. Before you leave, please help me to translate this sentence. I don’t know how to do it.

11. If we are caught in the rain, we shall get wet. We haven’t got umbrellas.

12. You will feel better as soon as you begin to take this medicine.

13. I’ll be able to leave home when he returns home. I have to look after my mother–in–law.

14. Henry is going for a walk with his daughter. He is going to take some food in case she gets hungry.

15. Stay here. As soon as John gets any news he will let you know.

16. If you are really sorry for what you have done, you will have to apologize to your sister.

17. Why can’t Mary come to my place? She will not come till (until) you invite her.

18. After I speak to him, I shall let you know my decision.

19. I shall go home as soon as the meeting is over.

20. I am going to buy some more food in case my mother-in-law comes.

21.We shall discuss all the details when we have more time to spare.

22. Please don’t say anything to them till (until) we are sure about it.

23. If you talk to her child, you will be her best friend.

24. I shall write down his telephone number in case I forget it.

25. After we have dinner, we shall go to the station to see our granny off.

26. I shall not be able to let the dog out before my guests leave.

27. If he contradicts, he’ll be discharged.

28. We shan’t be able to go out till (until) the children go to sleep.

29. She is going to take some water in case her children are thirsty.

30. We shall send on our heavy things as soon as we shall pack them.

31. Unless you have your English every day, you will never succeed.

32. Before she starts for London, she  will spend a day or two at a rest-home not far from here.

33. If you ask a question, you will get all the information you want.

34. I shall not be able to help you unless you tell me about your problems.

35. In case he calls you up, please don’t tell him anything.

36. When you have read the newspaper, please put it in its place.

37. If we don’t manage to get tickets, we shall have to stay in the country.

38. I shan’t go to the library until I finish to translate this article.

39. If your husband doesn’t object I shall join you.

40. As soon as it gets dark I shall let both the dogs out.