Придаточные предложения условия и времени с союзами IF и WHEN, AS SOON AS; UNLESS и UNTIL (TILL)

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Продолжаем заниматься сложноподчиненными предложениями (Complex Sentences) типа “хозяин-слуга”. Теоретические знания необходимо отработать в практических упражнениях, думаю, что это понятно каждому. На сей раз объединим условные предложения (Conditional Sentences in the Future) и придаточные предложения времени (Adverbial Clauses of Time in the Future) в один блок упражнений из-за сходства грамматики в будущем.

Начинаем с начального уровня — с условных и временных предложений на английском языке, которые надо просто прочитать, понять и перевести. Как говорится, глаз должен привыкнуть к новой грамматике, чтобы она стала привычной и узнаваемой. Вначале поработаем с распространенными и несложными словами- связками (союзами) — IF, UNLESS, WHEN, AS SOON AS, TILL (UNTIL).

Итак, я напишу сложноподчиненные предложения (Complex Sentences) типа “хозяин-слуга” двух видов ( условные и временные предложения). Ваша задача — определить союз (слово-связку), главное и придаточное предложения; вид придаточного предложения; и, само собой разумеется, перевести.

Маленькое уточнение по поводу знаков препинания. Запятая в английском языке ставится, если придаточное стоит на первом месте, то есть предложение начинается с союзов ( слов-связок) — if, when, as soon as, till (until), unless.

Научитесь отличать условие (IF)  от времени (WHEN). Это важно для тех, кто хочет иметь хороший уровень и грамотно переводить на английский язык, а значит и грамотно говорить, а также понимать, о чем тебе говорят. Поэтому , надо вникать в смысл высказывания и понимать, что зачастую высказывание связано контекстом.

1. Be very careful. You will spoil it if you aren’t careful. .

2. I shan’t be able to come and see you until I finish my work. I am so sorry but this work is very urgent.

3. My brother doesn’t want to speak English in class. He thinks that he won’t speak English unless he goes to England. I am sure he is mistaken.

4. Look at the sky. It is going to rain and the children are playing in the garden. They  will get wet if it rains.

5. Unless you don’t ring the bell, the servant won’t come.

6. You’ll be able to succeed if you do as I tell you. You must have your English every day.

7. When my mother prepares dinner I shall lay the table and we have dinner.

8. I shan’t write to him unless he writes to me.

9. If you eat too much, you will be ill and fat.

10. If he works hard, he will pass his examination.

11. They will have to stay at home if  the weather is bad.

12. Hurry up! If you leave earlier, you will catch the train.

13. I shall come and see you if I have time. I think I shall be able to finish my work earlier.

14. Please don’t go away until your mother comes back. Give her this letter as soon as  she comes.

15. I haven’t got enough money in order to buy a car. If I borrow little money I shall be able to buy a cheap car.

16. We shan’t have dinner until my father returns. Let’s wait for him a little.

17. Your brother hurt my feelings yesterday. If he apologizes to me, I shall forgive him.

18. I am going to finish typing all the letters this evening. When I have finished, I shall ring you up.

19. Unless I find better brushes, I shall have to buy these ones.

20. I shall be at home all the day if you need anything. I’ll be very happy to help you.

21. I don’t want to discuss it over the telephone, but I shall tell you about it when I get home.

22.  If my daughter and her husband come in , kindly tell them to meet me at John’s at one o’clock.

23. When I have read this book, I shall give it back to you.

24. If John smokes a lot he will have headaches.

25. I shall ring you up as soon as I shall arrive in  London.

26. If I need your advice I shall get in touch with you.

27. As soon as we make our decision we shall let you know.

28. If this time is convenient for you, let me know.

29. I am feeling very tired. I think I’ll go home now. When I get home I shall go straight to bed.

30. We shall not complete this work this week unless you help us.

31. I am going away for a few weeks. I shall phone you when I come back.

32. I shall remind you of your promise if I meet you in the street.

33. When you see Henry again, you won’t recognize him. He has changed very much lately.

34. If you don’t want to climb the tree, you can shake it and the apples will fall down to the ground.

35. When my granny has taken this medicine, she will be all right.

36. If Mary comes to the party alone and there is nobody she knows, she will feel lonely.

37. Stay here till (until) the lights turn green.

38. The milk will be fresh a long time if I put it into the refrigerator.

39. When it gets dark, we shall turn the light on.

40. I shall be able to translate this text if you give me a dictionary.

41. The plane won’t take off till (until) the fog lifts.

42. You will have to work hard at home if you miss the lesson.

43. The delegation will start for London as soon as they have received their visas.

44. I shall sing this song with you if you tell me the words.

45. I shall give you this book when you want it.