Тренировочные упражнения с модальным глаголом CAN. Начальный уровень. Elementary

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Любой модальный глагол надо учить по алгоритму , или по порядку изучения модальных глаголов: перевод/грамматика/эквивалент/ особенности. По этому порядку я подробно рассказала о модальном глаголе CAN. Теперь от теории надо переходить к практике: то есть начать упражняться.

Начнем с самого простого -поставим утвердительные (+) английские предложения в отрицательную (-)  и вопросительную (?)  формы. Само собой разумеется ( needless to say)  предложения необходимо перевести.

1. Jack was an excellent tennis player. He could beat anybody.

2. My granny taught me to knit so I could knit when I was 12.

3. He was able to get there in time.

4. Tom could speak English last year.

5. This article was very difficult but they were able to translate it with a dictionary.

6.  I can go to the theatre tonight.

7. My friend can skate very well he learnt to skate in his childhood.

8. Ann is fond of cooking and she can cook very well.

9. I think we haven’t got any time now and we can discuss this question tomorrow.

10. John is only 5 years old but he can read and write.

11. Mary can afford to buy expensive things.

12. My brother can play chess very well.

13. He’s got a lot of time and he is able to play chess now.

!4. Tom was able to persuade his brother to go in for sports.

15. He can run very fast.

16. I am able to speak several foreign languages.

17. He was able to swim from one side of the lake to the other.

18. She spoke in a low voice but I could understood what she is saying.

19. George wasn’t at home when I phoned but I was able to contact him at his office.

20. You can see the sea from our bedroom in window.

21. The fire spread through the building very quickly but everybody was able to escape.

22. When I was young I used to be able to stand on my head.

23. My granny is very wise and she can give you good advise.

24. David is able to solve this problem very easily.

25. You can  buy such a book in any shop.

26. I am sure you are able to understand this rule.

27. I am convinced everybody is able to learn English.

28. You can return the books to the library to day.

29. Ann was able to remember his address.

30 You can use my dictionary.

31. I looked very carefully and was able to see a figure in the distance.

32. My grandmother loved music . She could play the piano very well.

33. The boy fell into the river but fortunately we were able to rescue him.

35. I can describe you  the man who came yesterday.

36. You can invite your friends to dinner on Sunday.

37. Mary could hear strange footsteps outside the house.

38. I was able to choose a present for my mother yesterday.

39.The boy was able to catch hold of the life-belt and got out of the water.

40. You can work in this room. I am sure nobody will trouble you here.