Past Indefinite Tense. Тренировочные упражнения. Intermediate. Часть первая

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Продолжаем тренироваться по теме прошедшего времени — Past Indefinite Tense. Упражнения для начального уровня (elementary) я написала. На начальном уровне любое грамматическое время всегда отрабатывается на образование отрицательной (-)  и вопросительной (?)  форм. Не обольщайтесь тем, что вы хорошо знаете и понимаете алгоритм образования (-) и (?). Если вы не проговорили и не потренировались достаточное количество раз, то язык вас может подвести и вы будете запинаться и путаться; поэтому надо добиваться беглости в произношении. Это вполне объяснимо: мысль гораздо быстрее, чем наш неповоротливый язык во рту, вот и надо сделать так, чтобы он поспевал проговаривать предложения без запинки.  Прошедшее время — особое, здесь надо помнить и о формах неправильных глаголов, и о глаголе “to be” . Усложним немного задачу и поставим предложения в отрицательную(-) и вопросительную(?) формы. Но предложения я запишу в разных временах и плюс глагол “to be”. Само собой ( it goes without saying), надо понимать то, что вы читаете или пишете.

1. I begin my work at 8 o’ clock.

I began my work late yesterday.

I was late for my work on Monday.

2. He often brings me books to read.

He brought me two interesting books last week.

He was glad to see me.

3. They build a new house in the neighbourhood.

They built this house 10 years ago.

They were busy building a fence last week.

4. My mother always buys vegetables in this shop.

My mother bought a new dress yesterday.

My mother was very tired last night.

5. We usually returns home at 6 o’ clock.

We came back home late yesterday.

We were at home last night.

6. She eats too much in the evening.

She ate all the apples in the plate.

She was very hungry.

7. I feed my dog twice a day.

I fed my dog on meat yesterday.

I was in the garden last night.

8. John drinks a glass of wine every day.

John drank only a cup of milk yesterday.

John was ill last week.

9. My granny sometimes forget to take an umbrella.

My granny forgot his address.

My granny was happy to see me yesterday.

10. Birds often fly in my garden.

A bird flew in through the window.

The bird was in the room.

11. He hides all his money.

He hid the money somewhere.

He was greedy.

12. I often give her books to read.

I gave her a lot of books to read.

I was generous.

13. My pupils know English well.

My pupils knew English well last year.

My pupils were in time for their lessons.

14. My husband sometimes lays the table for dinner.

My husband laid a new carpet in the bed room yesterday.

My husband was on duty yesterday.

15. Nick often meets his daughter after classes.

Nick met his old friend yesterday.

Nick was in the country last week.

16. She always pays cash.

She paid for her new house last month.

She was sorry about this book.

17. I usually read in the evening.

I read a very interesting articke yesterday.

I was ready to answer all your questions.

18. My little sister often loses her key.

My little sister lost her way yesterday.

My little sister was afraid of dogs.

19. My mother always make coffee for us.

You made a lot of mistakes in you composition.

You were very inattentive yesterday.

20. I usually get up at 6.

I got up at 8 o’ clock today.

I was at work yesterday.

21.  Bob often sees her at school.

Bob saw her in the theatre yesterday.

Bob was very surprised to see her there.

22. The sun shines brightly in spring.

The sun shone brightly yesterday.

The sun was bright yesterday.

23. I often send him a lot of letters.

I sent him this letter last month.

I was angry with him .

24. My granny teaches English at school .

My granny taught English at school many years ago.

My granny was too old to teach English at school.

25. I understand you well.

I understood you at once yesterday.

I was very sorry for you.