Несколько примеров общего описания внешности с помощью картотеки слов

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Отвечая на просьбу Николая, я расскажу о внешности нескольких человек, используя картотеку слов и известные всем глаголы: to be = быть, есть, находиться; to have = иметь.

1) My old friend Andrew is a fine-looking man. His hair is white. His face is cleanly shaven showing a bronzed complexion. The expression of his face is kind though firm. Andrew has three sons. Basil, the eldest of the boys, is seventeen years of age. He is a fine–looking lad though not handsome. He looks very brave and strong. His hair is straight and black. He is, in fact, the son of his father.
Nick is the second of age. He is very delicate, with a light complexion and very fair hair. Nick looks like his mother, for she is a blonde.
Andrew’s youngest son is quick-witted, curly-haired boy — cheerful at all times.

2) John is not tall, but broad-shouldered, long-armed and powerfully-made. His face is broad with large blue eyes, open and frank features, fine teeth and a well-formed head. He is frank but of a hasty temper. There is pride and jealousy in his eyes. His long yellow hair is not grey, although he is sixty.

3) Edward is a tall pale man of forty. His face speaks of his cleverness and kindness. He is a good- natured man.
But how different is his companion! He looks like a fox; his face is selfish and cruel. He is a short man, thinly-built, but he does not look weak. He has black hair. His large-nosed face is pale. He is about fifty.

Это и есть общее описание внешности, очень коротко, двумя-тремя предложениями. Говорим о возрасте, росте, можно охарактеризовать лицо, волосы, фигуру и т.д. Как видите, ничего сложного, только нужна картотека нужных слов для темы “Внешность”.