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Тренировочные упражнения. Passive Voice. Начальный уровень. Elementary. Часть первая.

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Любое грамматическое правило остается лишь словами на бумаге, пока его не применяют на практике. А практика обычно показывает, что без затруднений и сопутствующих им ошибок никак не обойтись, особенно, если дело касается самого главного – переводу с родного языка на английский устному или письменному.  Ведь наша цель – это говорить и писать на английском языке и понимать письменную и устную английскую речь. Любое правило является общим и просто  не может охватывать все нюансы и только на практике, ошибаясь и исправляя ошибки можно прийти к полному пониманию и овладению изучаемым разделом грамматики.

Начинать надо с простейших предложений на английском языке. Надо “привыкнуть” к новой грамматике, к новому звучанию, сочетанию слов. Для начала надо вплотную заняться английскими текстами, напичканными пассивными конструкциями. Глаз должен безошибочно определять пассивные конструкции а ухо различать их на слух. Поэтому, самым первым заданием всегда было, есть и будет  — умение ставить предложения в отрицательные и вопросительные формы или из вопросительных форм переходить в утвердительные. Одним словом, Играем в “+” , “-” и “?”.

Поставьте следующие предложения в отрицательную и утвердительные формы. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. His new book has been translated into a number of foreign languages.

2. The pupils were asked at the lesson yesterday.

3. Mushrooms are gathered in autumn.

4. These questions were answered yesterday.

5. The patient are being examined by two doctors.

6. A new school will be built in our village next year.

7. My brother are often invited to parties.

8. This man has been arrested by the police.

9. The classroom is being cleaned at the moment.

10. We were told the news yesterday.

11. The little children will be read a new tale next time.

12. We are promised higher wages.

13. She is being shown new books.

14. The workman has been paid for his work.

15. The student was asked a very difficult question.

16. The date of the conference has been changed.

17. The broken chair is being mended at the moment.

18. Your child will be looked after.

19. English is spoken here.

20. All flights have been cancelled because of fog.

21. The pupils aren’t allowed to chat in class.

22. The meeting will be held tomorrow morning.

23. Many houses were burnt during the Great Fire in London.

24. A new railway is being constructed across the desert.

25. The visitors will be shown an ancient castle.

26. Hockey is played in winter.

27. The other day I was entrusted with a new task.

28. Flowers are sold in shops and in the streets.

29. The bench has just been painted.

30. This work will be finished in two days.

31. The matter is still being considered.

32. Yesterday we were told some interesting news.

33. Football is played all over the world.

34. She will be woken up early tomorrow.

35. Bread is eaten every day.

36. He was forgiven his disloyalty.

37. Many houses are built in our town every year.

38. The students are being examined in the next classroom.

39. The deltgation was met at the station.

40. This article has been translated into English yet.

41. These trees were planted in the garden last autumn.

42. Service is included in the bill.

43. This man was given a life sentence.

44. The mail is still being looked through.

45. You are wanted on the telephone.

46. They have been shown the way to the station.

47. The girls are taught music and singing in this school.

48. That day the children were punished.

49. A sound of piano was heard in the adjoining room.

50. He was forbidden to stay here for a long.